Aerial Yoga

Taster lesson £15
Drop in £20
5 lessons class pass (expires in 6 weeks) £80
10 lessons class pass (expires in 12 weeks) £150
Private lesson, one-to-one £45
Private lesson, one-to-two £35

per person

The Aerial Yoga Hammock

is a simple piece. Low hanging, wide aerial fabric, suspended from a framework, and is licensed to keep up 350 kg. The hammock, by supporting your body weight, helps to achieve particular yoga postures – particularly inverted asanas – and deep stretches in a more relaxed way. Using a yoga swing can help to decompress the spine and avoid some injuries associated with practising these stretches and positions on the ground.


Veronika Rakli  

is an experienced and licensed Aerial Yoga teacher with six years of international teaching experiences. Her classes are super fun, creative, stimulating and relaxing. She uses all of the techniques that yoga hammocks allow. She combines traditional yoga  principles, such as breathing, stretching, self-massage and meditation in different  poses with aerial art, acrobatics, gymnastics and dance. Veronika’s Aerial Yoga classes  can improve flexibility and alignment, and also help to develop core strength. Hanging in the hammocks, participants experience relief of back problems such as chronic neck, lower back or sciatica pain, scoliosis and Scheuermann disease. Her  training method lengthens the spine whilst hanging freely in the mid-air.


Aerial Yoga wear  

is a simple workout clothing: leggings and a top that covers your underarms (sleeve)  – this is very important! As you will be upside down, sports bra for females and fitted, not-too-loose, t-shirts for guys are recommended. 

No socks, unless they are sticky.

No jewellery.

Please bring water, sweat towel and an open heart and mind.


Note: Aerial Yoga is not suitable if you are pregnant or breast feeding. If you have glaucoma, high or low blood pressure, have a heart condition or if you have had recent surgery (less than 12 weeks post op).