Aerial Yoga Kids

Aerial Yoga for Children is a great opportunity for children to build strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina and fitness in a fun and inspiring environment of flying hammocks. Aerial Yoga for Children classes have a special syllabus designed by the instructor for youth participants:

  1. Introduction to breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques;
  2. Moves and positions (asanas) of traditional yoga on the ground and in mid-air hanging hammocks;
  3. Beginner acrobatic tricks – including basic inversions, flips and spins. 



Aerial Yoga for Children is a 12-week course, based on the general school term.
The program is designed for a closed group of maximum of eight children aged:

  • 6-11 (Aerial Yoga for Kids - AYK); and
  • 12-16 (Aerial Yoga for Teens - AYT).

£120 (£10/lesson) which includes online registration, personal equipment use, props that are provided during classes and instruction. 
Siblings discount: £96/child (£8/lesson)

Each class is 60 minutes long.



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