Balletfit is a group-based exercise programme, based on classical ballet, yoga and mat pilates. It is the only UK based ballet programme to be quality assured and fully endorsed by Skills Active. Skills Active regulates and verifies training in the active leisure sector through an endorsement process, ensuring that training is of the highest quality.

Our Balletfit classes have stopped for the Foreseeable time, but our fitbarre classes will be covering some of the material of the baletfit whilst they are back.

Pilates FitBarre

If you are in love with Pilates and fancy a fun and strong workout, Pilates Fit barre is the class for you.  Join this class on Saturday mornings to get ready for the weekend! The class uses elements of Dance, Pilates and more. The music will lead you while you work hard on your legs, abs and arms for a total body workout!

Saturday 11:10 - 12:10 Fit Barre Open Level

Classws contains 3 sections:


Beginning at the barre (or by the wall), where exercises are performed to strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles; improve balance; and develop a strong core.


A low impact dance workout designed to get the body moving, increase the heart rate and burn fat. This applies more for BalletFit.


Includes ballet, pilates and yoga inspired floor exercises to tone muscles and improve flexibility.



BalletFit with Ania Wednesdays at 20.30