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Creative Dance

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Autumn term is fully booked! Spring term bookings are now open.

Combining Yoga, dance and meditation ages 5-7 yrs.

The classes delivered by Gemma focus on improvisation and adaptation, aiming to encourage children's naturally inquisitive nature to express themselves and respond to their environment.
Using sensory materials to break up the sessions and get the young dancers to create their own sequence, Gemma will build on their sense of ownership, and help them see themselves as masters of their own confidence. This is aided by partner work to build on balance and teamwork - showing how by working together, tasks and routines suddenly become much more achievable. At end of the session Gemma incorporates yoga and mediation to calm the mind and ensure they are ready for collection.






Fridays 4 - 4.30pm Tiny Dancers

Pre-schoolers (intended as pre-reception). The first approach to ballet technique in a creative and imaginative style.


Fridays 4.30 - 5.10pm Rising stars

Reception children and school year 1. A definite development from the former stage and a preparation to more demanding ballet technique

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